ABB robotprogramming courses are available

The recent growing demand has given a boost to our Training Center’s offer: new training is soon available on teaching and programming ABB robotic arms.

Robot-X Training Center has been offering beginner and advanced robot programming training for the most common robot types for years: KUKA, FANUC and UR robots. However, as a system integrator, Robot-X has, of course, also been involved in integrating ABB robots into the system for a long time. Today, ABB robotic arms are used in a significant proportion of robotic production plants in Hungary, so the need to expand our training offer with ABB robot operator and robot programmer courses is completely adequate. 
In the course, which will debut in January 2021, students can learn about the basic programming of ABB robots, the creation and modification of trajectories, and the program-level management of inputs and outputs. During the training, participants also gain insight into the basics of the programming language. The course is finished with an exam. 
Like our other courses, ABB trainings will be available to both our corporate partners and individuals. If you are interested in these courses, please send us a short message to and we will contact you. 
Next year's first KUKA, FANUC and UR trainings can already be booked - in case of company participation by e-mail (, and for individuals by registering via the links below. The dates are: 

ABB robotprogramozói tréningek indilnak 2021-től a Robot-X OktatóközpontjábanABB robotprogramozói tréningek indulnak 2021-től a Robot-X Oktatóközpontjában
ABB robot programmer training