Company History

Robot-X is engaged in industrial automation and industrial robotics since its foundation. But instead of ready-made solutions, we lean on proprietary developments to a great extent since the beginning, and that is what makes us, “X” as we call ourselves, different from a traditional automation enterprise. Innovation became our major priority, and we are proud that our production lines and machines include the most cutting edge technology of today. We think it’s important that this mindset is present in the everyday life of our company and colleagues.

The company was founded in 2006 under the name Robot-X Hungary Kft. to design and build machines and robot cells equipped with industrial robotics. The ambitious engineer founders of the 100% Hungarian-owned firm are still active and accountable participants of Robot-X to this days.

The dynamic and still existing development of Robot-X started in 2007 as an answer to increased customer demand for quality and quantity. The range of capacities available to our satisfied customers has broadened each year:
We design and manufacture custom special-purpose machines and assembly machines from 2008.

From 2011—measuring up to the more complex tasks offered by industry—we also deal with the design and execution of complete automated production and assembly lines, and we developed a significant production base in the same year; we carried out a large-scale investment in the field of parts manufacturing by acquiring CNC machining centres and lathes.
We further increased our production capacity in 2013 by purchasing other machines such as a water jet cutter and a press braking machine.

Until 2014, Robot-X Hungary Kft. has become a market leader amongst industrial robotics integrator companies both domestically and in some neighbouring countries.

We regularly take orders in neighbouring countries too from 2015, predominantly for suppliers in the automotive industry. Our presence in the field of special-purpose machine building is growing bigger and bigger thanks to our individual machine and production line developments, and the amount of our orders increase continuously.

From 2016-17, the number of our colleagues working at Robot-X stabilised above 120. This increase required significant organisational changes and reforms. We have separated design, simulation, programming/development, and production processes in our divisions structured based on a project approach, currently on 3200 sqm.

In 2018, we opened our own research & development and training centre in Budapest where Hungarian automation professionals can attend KUKA, Fanuc, and Universal Robots robot operator and robot programmer trainings in Hungarian.

In 2019, in order to give an adequate response to the challenges of industry 4.0, we launched our online production monitoring platform, a universal tool that we have developed especially but not exclusively for the production companies in Hungary. In the meantime, we deliver automation projects to the biggest domestic and multinational players of the automotive and food sectors.

For the first time in Hungary, we provide state-approved robot programming courses from March 2020 on.  

Robot-X HQ in SződRobot-X HQ in Sződ
Robot-X HQ in Sződ