Forging Applications

We are the only one in Hungary to have carried out robotization on forging machines, and automated the biggest forging machine of the world.

Our company has gone through several developments in recent years in order for our forging machines and applied robotic arms to be able to operate with the required work safety and optimal productivity in the conditions of a forging plant.
Our applications mainly consist of machine tending robot cells that move workpieces of nearly 1200 °C and 0.5 to 350 kg between induction, heating, and other various forging machines, even up to 24 m.
In several occasions, lubrication of the dies is also carried out by a spraying robotic arm, where the lubricant of graphite-water mixture gets to the lower and upper die parts by using our proprietary spraying system.
Advantages of robotization:
  • Greater reduction of cycle times, which can only be achieved by using robotic arms.
  • By using a robot, we can achieve a great degree of flexibility, which enables fast and cost effective adaptation to extra demands arising during commissioning.
  • Quick, accurate manipulation. Because of being quicker, the workpieces get into the forging die at a higher temperature, and thus it is better protected.
  • Automation corresponding to the cutting edge technology of the era.


Robotization of forging production line at Rába Axle Ltd. 

In 2018-19, one of Hungary's largest automotive companies, Rába, underwent a complete replacement and robotic development of its front axle forging line. We have designed and installed a 6-robot production line in a project which is of outstanding volume nationwide, but perhaps also in our wider region. You can read more about the project HERE

Rába kovácsolósor robotizálása 2018-19-benRába kovácsolósor robotizálása 2018-19-ben
Robot-X designed and installed a 6-robot forging line in Rába Axle Ltd.