Robotic forging production line in RÁBA

Robotos kovácsoló gyártósort építettünk a RÁBÁbanRobotos kovácsoló gyártósort építettünk a RÁBÁban
We installed six KUKA robot systems with a special heat tolerance and a total of 18 thousand parts in the new robotic forging line of Rába Futómű Ltd. The investment can bring an annual increase of 20-50% to the front axle production capacity of the company. 

In response to the growing customer demand, Rába, one of the largest Hungarian companies in the automotive industry, has decided to replace its front axle manufacturing line as part of a complete investment. The complexity of the project and the scale of the investment resulted in a unique and outstanding development in the forging industry in Hungary.
Our task at Robot-X was to design and install a robotic system for manipulating workpieces between successive machining (cutting, heating, rolling, bending, forging, deburring and cooling) stations.
Some interesting numbers of the nearly 2 year long project:
  •   2500 m2 production area
  •   6 special robots with high heat tolerance, 
  •   2 of which are hanging robot arms, in one case moving on a 10 m track
  •   120 kg work pieces at 1300 ° C in the respective phases
  •   uniquely designed grippers
  •   500 kg payload head changers with hydraulic and electric feeder modules
  •   design and implementation of 200 m safety fence and
  •   11 safety zones
Robotos kovácsoló gyártósort építettünk a RÁBÁbanRobotos kovácsoló gyártósort építettünk a RÁBÁban
One of the two hanging KUKA robot arms in the RÁBA forging line
The whole project was the result of a real international collaboration that required the active cooperation of 6 nations simultaneously and continuously. Our 40 experts involved in the project built in 18,000 parts of the forging robot cells, with a total installed weight of 55 tonnes. One of the most time-consuming phases of the project was robot and PLC programming with a total of 5,800 working hours, but 4,100 working hours in mechanical and electrical design and 5,500 hours in mechanical and electrical engineering also testifies to the large scale of this project. 


Further solutions

After the forging production line, the workpiece is moved into a robotic grinding cell also designed and installed by Robot-X. Here the further machining process is already monitored by Robot-X's online SCADA system, WaMeWo.
1300 C-os mellsőtengely manipulálása a Rába Futóműnél1300 C-os mellsőtengely manipulálása a Rába Futóműnél