Research & Development

Nowadays, being able to provide services to an industry based on an accelerated development of technology requires a richer integrated product range. The Research & Development division of Robot-X was founded in 2014 with the objective to implement and utilise up-to-date software and hardware technologies in the company. This division currently operates in the Budapest R&D and Training Centre that can be reached easily from both Sződ and the city centre.

Our team believes in creating value, the innovative end products of which widens not only the service range of Robot-X but are also available to our existing and potential clients. Our developers are not afraid of the various complex challenges, like being involved in the developments of Industry 4.0 as a major aspect nowadays.

Technological research and development is an organic part of Industry 4.0 todayTechnological research and development is an organic part of Industry 4.0 today
Technological research and development is an organic part of Industry 4.0 today


Software Development

Over the last decade, there have been several occasions when Robot-X needed software development that required competencies beyond those of a PLC or robot programmer, and involved subcontractors to be able to implement them. Today, our R&D division fills this gap completely. The typical tasks we have include for example writing so-called bridge programs, which is a unique interface built between the PLC responsible for controlling our robot cells and the MES/ERP system of the client and is responsible for the data exchange between applications.
Our featured long-term project is the development of a proprietary SCADA (later i4.0) system, the universality of which will follow the diversity of the tools used by Robot-X and that of the fields of application. Further information about this project is available on the website.

Our developers are comfortable with the major modern software technologies and frameworks. It would be hard to enumerate the technologies our team has a high-level knowledge of.

The frameworks most frequently used by us include:
  • Python, C/C++, C#
  • Node.js, Vue.js, PHP
  • MySQL, MongoDB

Hardware Development

We are regularly engaged in smaller, electronic hardware development tasks, typically tools executing data gathering (e.g. temperature data gathering micro controller) or data exchange and conversion (e.g. RS232-WiFi transparent converter). Developments are carried out in our own, adequately equipped lab, where signal generators, lab supply, oscilloscope, etc. are available.

Technological Tests

We believe that responsible undertaking of projects, an important pillar of which are the (generally) robotised tests carried out in the phase of making the offer, contributes greatly to the success of Robot-X. Under these tests, we try the critical steps of the process within a test environment specifically equipped for this purpose before starting the final and fail-safe project. Robotic arms of various sizes and types, logical controllers, different drives, pneumatic units, conveyors, etc. are available for these tests.




Demo Applications

Robot-X has a strong focus on the importance of corporate social engagement in recent years. The different professional exhibitions and expos, job fairs, workshops, or the thematic programmes of educational institutions of different levels play an organic part in these. Our R&D team carries out technical support and application development for these events, most of the time by implementing a demo combination with a smaller-sized robotic arm of some sort. When we come up with and implement robot applications, we always aim to design concepts that are aesthetic, combine the modern technologies of today, showcase the relevant capabilities of the robotic arm, send a lasting message towards visitors addressing both professionals and laymen, and frequently concerns unique issues – quite often in an interactive way.