Picking and palletizing

One of the most ovious scope/field of automation and robotizing is movement and sorting of materials.

For many production companies nowadays it is a challenge to find human workforce to handle the logistics of products with various sizes, shapes and cycle times. For them, automation is an efficient investment. Besides, implementation of a robotic system in this field is fairly simple since it probably does not require micro-millimeter-scale accuracy. 
Robot manufacturers also realized the potential of the production sector – and a few of them have already developed special palletizing robot arms, which, unlike the traditional 6-axis robots, operate with 4 axes only – though without lacking any thorough technological background. 
Automation prefers exactness, it is easier to move and orient a box. However, technology today offers excellent solutions for the optimum handling of objects with other dimensions  like sacks or bags.

Key areas to pay attention to: 
  •  material, size (of packaging), variance
  •  geometry (and its variance)
  •  weight (and its variance)
  •  packaging material consumption
  •  cycle time
  •  positioning
  •  layout
  •  stack size and weight
  •  buffering
  •  material flow (input, output)
  •  available space
  •  approach
  •  environmental conditions (dust, moisture, heat, etc.)
  •  manual and automatic modes
The following photos illustrate some characteristic solutions of Robot-X.
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