Industrial Robots

Our company designs and builds robot cells covering several applications and industries in Hungary and to any country in the world.

Ipari robot fámipari felhasználásaIndustrial robots in metallurgy
Industrial robot serving a metallurgical production line, before installation


The industrial robotic arms installed into our robot cells are used for various tasks, that is we offer a wide range of application specific designs and maximum flexibility to our clients. From parts weighing a few tens of grams to 2-ton components, from -40 ºC to +1,200 ºC, from simple to highly complex parts, we select the most adequate industrial robotic arms for the task and equip them with peripheries to build fast, accurate, cost effective, and simple-to-use robot cells for your convenience.

Ipari robot malomipari felhasználásaIpari robot malomipari felhasználása
Use of an industrial robotic arm in the flour milling industry

Industrial robotic arms are characterised by productivity and precision. Are you thinking about operating industrial robotic arms? No matter if you are a small, a medium or a large company, before the investment, we help you think over whether you have manufacturing processes we may accelerate and optimise with industrial robotic arms. Ask our colleagues for a free survey, and let us pick the most suitable robotic arms and applications for you, your company, and the task. This allows your employees to perform more useful and complex work while the robot puts new workpieces into the machine for example.