Robot Cells

Digitalisation, the foundation of Industry 4.0, creates increasing requirements towards production lines as well, which makes a high-level application of robot cells equipped with industrial robotic arms more and more necessary for various tasks. However, the place and cost efficiency of the robotic units are not irrelevant.
For technologies and robot cells that use industrial robotic arms, we separate human and machine work by using e.g. safety barriers, sensors (light curtain, safety cameras, etc.).
Robotic cell in operationRobotic cell in operation
Robotic cell in operation

Innovation in designing industrial robot cells

Thanks to our continuous development, our range also includes intelligent solutions complying with the safety standards that enable keeping both the need for space and the costs of robot cells low while providing perfect safety for robot operators and robots themselves, even when using industrial robotic arms without safety barriers.
We achieve this by using double-controlled, software-based safety solutions besides the installation of adequate safety sensors.