Machining Applications

We deal with simple as well as custom complex machining application.


Deburring applications

Our company builds deburring robot cells equipped with heavy duty deburring technology that tackles parts made of both aluminium and ductile cast iron.
The deburring process is regulated by a force feedback sensor installed between the deburring machine and axis 6 of the robotic arm. This technology helps us to detect the force with a 2% accuracy during the whole duration of the deburring process, based on which we are able to modify the speed of the robotic arm’s deburring tool and the amount of feed in real time. The above mentioned regulation guarantees the ideal, productive, and most cost efficient deburring technology for our clients.
Deburring technologies:
  • Deburring with pneumatic turbo cutter
  • Deburring with electric spindle, also with internal water cooling
  • Water deburring
The deburring tool can be attached to the robotic arm, or another solution is to remove burrs from the workpiece with a fix installed deburring tool, where the workpiece is moved on the tool by the robotic arm and the gripper.
Other functions and items used in deburring robot cells:
  • Camera systems defining workpiece position, deburring edges
  • Camera systems checking the surface after deburring
  • Soundproof deburring cabinets
  • Exhaust technology
  • Automated workpiece feeding
  • Recording of position points based on 3D model, surface tracking