Robot Maintenance and Service Solutions

Thanks to the Robot-X service concept, we are able to plan availability of necessary services in advance, we are able to anticipate their time, and we are able to provide an outstanding level of service quality during the whole lifetime of the robotic arms.

Reacting to emerging needs, Robot-X Hungary has been modernising the online support of service professionals by using a proprietary software, the “ROBOTEYE”, during its ten years in operation. By using this software, our colleagues can access the history, maintenance and service information of robotic arms as well as the information necessary to work online: robotic arms’ data and technical support.
We, at Robot-X give priority to training: we continuously train ourselves and our clients in order to be able to provide the highest level of quality possible during services. Our structured training system guarantees a high level of competence and the experience that complies with technical requirements. This system covers our own service network and includes clients of Robot-X Hungary as well.

Maintenance and service contracts

Simply pick the service contract that suits you, and let us do the rest!
The aim is to maintain the operational safety of the robotic arms and to ensure safe working conditions. This contract ensures that the robotic arm always complies with the regulations and that in the robot cell, it operates complying with the legal provisions in effect.
This contract helps to efficiently avoid accidental malfunctioning of the robotic arms and the corresponding costly repairs. Machines, robotic arms, and robot cells are maintained using a pre-defined schedule, and compliance with the safety regulations is guaranteed.
This contract covers all service and maintenance works to ensure continuous availability and efficiency.
If you would like to customise your contracts to your needs, the following options are available: service within 24/12/6 hours, on-site service technician for the fastest troubleshooting possible, also on weekends.
Lots of malfunctions can be resolved through hotline only. This contract guarantees your company a 0-24 hotline and the fastest troubleshooting possible.
This contract gives you on-site visit within 24 hours. For errors reported between Monday 8 AM and Thursday 12 PM, no availability fee is charged, and you get 20% off our hourly service fees.

New and rebuilt parts

If you would like to maintain the original quality and reliability of your robotic arms, new or rebuilt and guaranteed parts should be used for repairs. Good quality parts not only preserve the value of the robotic arms but also ensure perfect and safe operation, the fastest and most reliable repair, and decrease downtime. We are able to provide you with parts within 24 hours in most cases.

Robot operator training

Skilled and motivated machine operators not only improve productivity but also decrease accident risk, and prevent material damage and—even worse—personal injury. That is why we created our robot operator trainings where you learn daily control and maintenance tasks and safe handling of the robot.
If you have further questions or would like to request a price, our colleagues are happy to help you.