I4.0 with a beer: industrial digitization meet up

Ipari digitalizációs meetup 2020. júliusIpari digitalizációs meetup 2020. július

A terrace on the banks of the Danube is not the most common venue for an industry 4.0 professional event. However, the unique site-theme combination was particularly well received when Robot-X and its development team, WaMeWo, organized the first industrial digitization meet up at the Kopaszi Dam in Budapest in July. 

The concept of a meet-up called "Quarantine: STOP, i4: START" reflects, as the title suggests, that finally, after the restrictions of recent months, the representatives of digital supply and demand could meet, but in a much more informal and friendly way than usual. 
The event, which was organized for a wide range of SMEs and large companies, covered several topics, from automation to data collection, IIoT and machine learning to training programs related to digitization. The questions discussed included the ones like whether the companies were prepared to introduce and use the tools of digital production management in terms of knowledge, organization and strategy, and what Hungarian production companies would need most to move forward today.    
Ipari digitalizációs meetup 2020. júliusIpari digitalizációs meetup 2020. július
Gergely Lőrincz, Robot-X owner of Robot-X opening the industrial digitization meet up
The main organizer was professionally supported by REACH, Haris Digital and Fanuc in bringing the meet up to life. 

It is of great importance for Robot-X, which deals with industrial automation, to be not only a follower but also a definer of the i4, which is why it has founded its own development department in 2014. The team launched its self-developed production monitoring system called WaMeWo a good year ago with the aim of making a platform-independent, modularly adaptable production digitization system available to domestic manufacturing companies as well. 

Reach sees it as a mission to help turn manufacturing plants into real-time, data-driven smart factories. They offer a data collection, processing and evaluation platform that also supports machine-to-machine communication and can intervene in the production process based on machine learning algorythms. 

Haris Digital Engineering is a young, Hungarian IIoT startup company, which aims to open the door to industrial digitization for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. They offer an extremely fast, cost-effective and accurate data collection and management system and an analytical solution for efficiency measurement and real-time machine monitoring.

FANUC Hungary is the Hungarian subsidiary of Fanuc, which has now grown into one of the most important domestic industrial automation suppliers, and its product and service portfolio ranges from CNC controls to robots to machine tools.
No more boring presentations: Richárd Tunkel (REACH)

The guests represented a wide range of the manufacturing sector from the metal, automotive, rubber and electronics industries, the food industry and agriculture, as well as from professional organizations supporting the digitization of the industry. The meet up provided them with a good opportunity to get to know each other and share their experiences.
The program was created with the support of the European Union's Erasmus + program, within the framework of the a TransIT project . This initiative is a positive example of an internationally supported initiative not only promoting technological research but also paying attention to the human and educational background of developments. The TransIT project involves 8 companies and institutions from 6 EU countries.

> Opening picture: Attila Masa, Head of Development at Robot-X presenting at the meet up 


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