Construction of the new Robot-X site 

Robot-X has started the constructions of a new site and as a result, we expect to be able to receive our partners in a renewed environment in September 2021. The main goal of the investment is to make operational processes more efficient, increase production capacity and ensure a higher level of working conditions for our employees.

The strengthening of Robot-X Hungary is parallel to the growth of the domestic industrial automation market. Since its founding in 2006, we have grown into a company with 140 employees, providing complex services in robottechnology for manufacturers and suppliers. The managers (and owners) of the Hungarian-owned company wish to provide space for further growth by building the new site as soon as possible, so we are expected to be able to receive our partners in a renewed environment by September 2021. For the construction, we also won the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the form of a non-refundable grant of HUF 282,272,000.

Megkezdődött a Robot-X új telephelyének építéseMegkezdődött a Robot-X új telephelyének építése
Earthworks on the new site of Robot-X

Since 2013, Robot-X has been operating in Sződ, at a site adjacent to the M2 motorway, where there are 4 production and assembly halls and several office buildings. But even the largest hall there is "only" 450 sqm, which has proved to be scarce in the recent years for some of the larger projects, so it was necessary to rent an outside site. It has also become timely to expand the number of workstations for our professionals. Despite the crisis since last year, Robot-X aims not only to retain the jobs created so far, but to further expand capacity in the coming years as orders rise.
The investment is also catalyzed by the fact that the owners of Robot-X - who to this day are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the company - have always been committed to creating ever-renewing, increasingly efficient, economical and environmentally conscious operating conditions. 
As a result, in 2020 Robot-X entered into a land purchase agreement with the municipality of Sződ, securing its place in the newly established industrial park of the settlement, only a few hundred meters away from the site where the company currently operates. Fortunately, in addition to the familiar location, our employees will be able to keep their access to a green belt, as the new site is located near a small nature reserve.  

Megkezdődött a Robot-X új telephelyének építéseMegkezdődött a Robot-X új telephelyének építése
The new site is located near a small nature reserve

When designing the new site, our primary goal was to provide employees with conditions that will allow us to implement our production processes in one place, thus facilitating joint work. This speeds up and simplifies our logistics processes and communications, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

When designing and constructing our robot cells and target machines, it is extremely important for our colleagues, working at all functional units from design to execution, to be able to closely follow all work processes. In the current site of Robot-X, the physical conditions for this were not entirely available, so the owners now expect significant process optimization results and an increase in the production capacity by 15%. As a result of the investment, Robot-X  will also be prepared to provide more complex industrial automation services for the market segments covered so far, and also for new areas and industries. In addition, carrying out more space-intensive work locally, we allow us to reduce cost for ourselves and our partners too. 
Construction began in the new industrial park of Sződ at the end of 2020. Before machines lined up, matching our company name related to 'robotics', the first hoe cuts were executed by a robot. Due to the pandemic, the foundation stone-laying ceremony was held with only a strictly limited audience invited, but we took a short video which we are now pleased to share with all of our partners.
Foundation stone-laying