Robot-X children's camp was a great success again 

In cooperation with the Jurtanoda in Sződ, we organized a summer camp for the children of Robot-X workers for the second time. Following the popularity of last year’s camp, interest has nearly doubled this year, and as soon as official regulations allowe, the 2020 Robot-X children’s camp has opened its doors.

Robot-X gyerektábor 2020Robot-X gyerektábor 2020
Robot-X Children's Summer Camp 2020


In 2019, we launched our Robot-X Kids' Summer Camp program for the children of our employees. As part of this, we provide the children - during their parents' working hours - with meaningful and exciting programmes for a week in Sződ. Following the positive experiences of last year, there was a serious interest towards the camp, which soon became popular among young people this year. Not only did last year’s participants come again, but new ones joined them, so in the end a total of 17 kids took part in the camp led by Szilvia Hertel from July 6-10. As part of the one-week program, the absolutely mixed-age team (again) managed to be soldered into an almost family bond: the youngest child was 3 and the oldest was 14 years old.

The camp was held again on the shores of the popular Jakabka fishing lake, at the foot of the Naszály, in a picturesque environment. Worthy of its name ("Jurtanoda"), the children's base was provided by the authentic yurt of the camp. The huge, shady lakeside area also has a playground, animal farm, riding school, craft center, and even a lavender field. But the Robot-X camp quickly became popular not only because of its excellent location, but also because of the myriad of creative programs: the five days saw the interdependence of craft and traditional activities - pottery, batik, spinning, painting, oven baking, singing and dancing, and also skill and sports programs, animal care, horse-drawn carriage rides and archery. 

Robot-X gyerektábor 2020Robot-X gyerektábor 2020
As part of the camp, we organized a creative factory visit to the Robot-X site in Sződ


Campers also visited the Robot-X site in Sződ. The children’s parents working in various departments of the company helped the team put together a real X-stlye surprise program to creatively show even the little ones “where and what Mom or Dad works for”. In the project, the children had to assemble a real workpiece, a classic little spinner, based on a blueprint, made of metal and plastic parts. Starting from our design department, according to our regular manufacturing procedure, our "little colleagues" first picked up the blueprints, then the parts made locally with 3D printing, and finally other raw materials in the warehouse. After purchasing all the parts, they were able to assemble the small spins independently, with which they could later take part in a spinning race.
The camp would not have been possible without the professional team of Jurtanoda from Sződ and Szilvia Hertel, to whom we are grateful again! We hope to see you again next year! 

Robot-X gyerektábor 2020Robot-X gyerektábor 2020
Cheerful faces from the Robot-X children's camp