We are engaged in industrial automation as well as the design and construction of robot cells, assembly and production lines, and special-purpose machines. We design and manufacture automated systems based on unique requirements too, and we also have our proprietary product portfolio thanks to our 10+ years of experience in the field of robotics, tested solutions, and research & development activities. Our products can be easily customised to both domestic and foreign client needs, that is why we are able to sell them as serial manufactured products, which proves to be the most efficient solution for our customers too.
We offer comprehensive solutions from idea to “turn-key” execution mainly for the following applications: welding, hot press machine automation, machine tending, handling and palletising.

One-day partial shutdown on June 8 due to power outage
Our electicity provider is performing network maintenance work with a complete power outage on April 14th. Robot-X will take a one-day shut down on our Sződ plant.